Restaurant Review: TWID Battersea’s Vegan Menu

Restaurant Review: TWID Battersea's Vegan Menu

I’m posting something a little different this time! A restaurant review: TWID Battersea‘s Vegan Menu.  A new restaurant that’s just opened in the Battersea area of south London, TWID is a short walk away from Clapham Junction station. What’s really unique is the mini stage in the middle of the restaurant for live opera performances. I visited the restaurant at lunchtimeRead more

Lazy Falafel (Vegan + GF)

Lazy Falafel (Vegan + GF)

Hello lovely readers, please meet life-changing Lazy Falafel. I repeat, life-changing.  What’s not to love about falafel? As a university student I would often visit Taste of Cambridge. Also chummily known as ‘The Falafel Van’, this itinerant eatery can be found on the corner of Market Street, usually attached to a flock of loyal customers. Their well-knownRead more

The Naked Island (1960) – Film

The Naked Island (1960) - Film

I recently watched a film called The Naked Island (1960). Set in the Seto Inland Sea, it seeks to ‘try and capture the life of human beings struggling like ants against the forces of nature’ (words of the director, Kaneto Shindo). It is a highly realistic account of the life of a family who live on an island in theRead more