Work With Me

Want to work with me? Get in touch with me at, I’d love to help! 

Different ways that I’d be happy to collaborate:

1. FREELANCE WRITING: I’m a journalist with experience writing for national newspapers as well as more specialist publications, and would be more than happy to write for your website or publication. I regularly contribute my recipes and photographs to magazines such as Free-From HeavenGluten-Free HeavenCook VeganVegan Food & Living and Vegan Food & Living Australia. 

2. PRODUCT REVIEW AND PROMOTION: If you have any products that you think I would be interested in working with, I’d be happy to promote them on my blog and related social media platforms. I’ve previously worked with brands such as the cookware store Lakeland:

Vegan Chocolate Donuts using Lakeland’s Mini Doughnuts Tin

3. RECIPE DEVELOPMENTI’d be happy to create recipes for your products or your company.

I’ve had recipes I’ve created using Clearspring products featured on their website. 

I’ve created recipes using Thai Taste‘s products and posted them on my blog. 

4. INTERVIEWS: Would you like me to write up an interview with you? I have experience interviewing many different personalities, including Gennaro Contaldo who I interviewed for an article I wrote for The Independent 

5. COOKERY CLASSES: I give cookery classes at events, for example I recently taught a group of 15 university students at Scape Student Living in London how to make easy and healthy snacks.

6. RESTAURANT REVIEWS: I’d be more than happy to visit your restaurant and write up a review. Here is one I’ve previously posted on my blog:

Restaurant Review: TWID Battersea’s Vegan Menu 

If you’d be interested in any of the above or if you have any other ideas, please send an email to

Looking forward to hearing from you, thank you so much!