Restaurant Review: TWID Battersea’s Vegan Menu

Restaurant Review: TWID Battersea's Vegan Menu

I’m posting something a little different this time! A restaurant review: TWID Battersea‘s Vegan Menu. 

Restaurant Review: TWID Battersea's Vegan Menu

A new restaurant that’s just opened in the Battersea area of south London, TWID is a short walk away from Clapham Junction station.

What’s really unique is the mini stage in the middle of the restaurant for live opera performances. I visited the restaurant at lunchtime (so I could take advantage of the natural light for better photos) so didn’t actually get to see any opera, but I would definitely recommend you visit in the evening to get the most out of the whole experience!

Opera is performed at 7.30-10pm every evening from Monday to Saturday, followed by a live DJ from 10pm onwards.

What I found particularly charming was that the entire layout and decor of the restaurant perfectly matches the opera idea.

All the tables are located in little booths to make it feel like you’re sitting in a box at the theatre, which provide ideal viewing platforms elevated above the stage.

The theatrical atmosphere is made complete by richly coloured paintings, opulent chandeliers and luxurious ruby-red furnishings bordered with golden tassels. 

Restaurant Review: TWID Battersea's Vegan Menu

What’s most remarkable about this restaurant is that this sumptuous interior, which stereotypically connotes big hunks of slow-roast venison or large platters lined with crushed ice and adorned with pearly white oysters, actually plays host to a varied selection of vegan, raw, gluten-free and sugar-free dishes.

The menu is small but varied, and boasts four seafood dishes, four meat dishes, and four vegetarian dishes. I was most excited to try these meat-free options. My absolute favourite out of the ones I tried was this Raw Vegan Sushi Terrine:  

Restaurant Review: TWID Battersea's Vegan Menu

It tasted remarkably similar to normal sushi – you’ll barely notice it was all raw and rice-free too!

I loved the combination of different flavours and textures – salty nori seaweed stuffed with walnuts and lots of fresh veggies, flavoured with umami-rich miso and served alongside spirals of refreshing cucumber and slices of creamy avocado. I was a little dubious about the basil at first, but its fragrant aroma perfectly complimented the other flavours.

Restaurant Review: TWID Battersea's Vegan Menu

Another dish I really enjoyed was this mushroom stuffed with nutty quinoa and caramelised peppers, garnished with sweet roasted pine nuts and garlicky pesto.

It came served with a ‘superfood salad’, which I would describe as a sort of  raw, grain-free tabbouleh. It consisted of raw broccoli, tomatoes and parsley, which provided a lovely fresh contrast to the hearty baked mushroom.

Restaurant Review: TWID Battersea's Vegan Menu

I was also really excited to sample the desserts – it’s always beyond exciting to have something other than lemon sorbet or fruit salad for pudding on a restaurant menu.

I was impressed with the selection of four different ‘alternative’ desserts, all of which are raw, vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar free. 

Restaurant Review: TWID Battersea's Vegan Menu

My friend and I went for the sharing plate, which came with generous samples of all four types of dessert: a tropical mango cheesecake, rich and indulgent chocolate cake, wonderfully fruity strawberry cheesecake and a subtly spiced carrot cake. 

The varied drinks menu is definitely worth looking through, as it includes many different types of alcohols and soft drinks – they even serve kombucha! 

The service was prompt and efficient, the waiters friendly and welcoming. I also liked how the tables had ‘call’ buttons, which are great for preventing those awkward situations of flapping about trying to get a waiter’s attention!

Most of all, I was really impressed with how the vegan food was filling and packed with flavour whilst being really healthy too. It’s pretty rare to find vegan restaurant food that’s beautifully presented, satisfying, and doesn’t feel like something I could easily make myself at home for much cheaper. But this ticked all the boxes! Thank you TWID! 


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