Restaurant Review: TWID Battersea’s Vegan Menu

Restaurant Review: TWID Battersea's Vegan Menu

I’m posting something a little different this time! A restaurant review: TWID Battersea‘s Vegan Menu.  A new restaurant that’s just opened in the Battersea area of south London, TWID is a short walk away from Clapham Junction station. What’s really unique is the mini stage in the middle of the restaurant for live opera performances. I visited the restaurant at lunchtimeRead more

Lazy Falafel (Vegan + GF)

Lazy Falafel (Vegan + GF)

Hello lovely readers, please meet life-changing Lazy Falafel. I repeat, life-changing.  What’s not to love about falafel? As a university student I would often visit Taste of Cambridge. Also chummily known as ‘The Falafel Van’, this itinerant eatery can be found on the corner of Market Street, usually attached to a flock of loyal customers. Their well-knownRead more

The Naked Island (1960) – Film

I recently watched a film called The Naked Island (1960), which is set in the Seto Inland Sea and directed by Kaneto Shindo.  It is a highly realistic account of the life of a family who live on an island in the Inland Sea. The film is made up of very long scenes with little editing, and the dialogue is sparse, withRead more